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Market Potential

QureTech Bio’s vision is to develop first line drugs to combat antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases. The global market for antibiotics is estimated at USD 38 billion with USA, Europe and Japan representing 50%. The cost of antibiotic resistance to medical communities in the EU alone is conservatively estimated to be €1.5 billion and the availability of new targeted antibiotics of this type would generate significant cost savings for healthcare systems.

Chlamydia accounts for approximately 30% of the 340 million new cases of STI (sexually transmitted infection (STI) per annum globally according WHO report in 2006.1 Thus, 102 million new cases of Chlamydia infections represent a substantial market opportunity. Chlamydia infections represent a large percentage of the economic burden associated with STIs in the United States that is estimated at $14.7 billion annually in 2006 dollars in direct medical costs. Moreover, more than $8 billion spent each year to diagnose and treat STIs and their complications. And when cost of PID, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, ($10 billion) is also included, this represents a major costs to health management of any country.


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The company has an active IP strategy and ensures its IP by filing patent applications for its compounds in the USA, Europe and other major markets.

Partnerships/Collaborations Sought

The company seeks further funding and investment from private and institutional investors. It is also interested in strategic partnerships in the clinical and agro-veterinary markets.

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