QureTech Bio has developed new antibacterial agents containing several distinct classes of small molecules that targets different infectious diseases. The company is currently managing three projects that can be divested through sales, out licensing or partnering independent of each other.

QureTech Bio has established a strong IPR portfolio based on separate patent applications for each of the three development programs. QureTech Bio´s lead program is focused on new compounds that are bactericidal to Gram-positive bacteria that in addition can restore and boost the efficacy of market leading antibiotics.

Antibacterial, Gram-positive bacteria killer


restore susceptibility to leading front line antibiotics in Gram-positive bacteria (including MRSA, VRE).

GmPcide= Gram-positive bacteria killer

Antibacterial, mycobacterial tolerance inhibitor


restore and improve effect of antibiotics in tuberculosis.

MTI= mycobacterial tolerance inhibitor

Antibacterial, chlamydia infection blockers


virulence blockers that can replace antibiotics for treatment of chlamydia infections.

CIB=chlamydia infection blockers