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QureTech Bio’s vision is to develop first-in-class drugs to combat infectious diseases and the occurrence of antibiotic resistance

QureTech Bio address a significant unmet medical need by developing new antibacterial agents that targets different infectious diseases including healthcare-associated infections and tuberculosis. This is done either by a direct antimicrobial effect or by potentiating existing antibiotics. The compounds are new small molecules from a well-developed chemical platform with excellent synthetic availability and desirable drug properties. The company has established a strong IPR portfolio based on separate patent applications for each of the development programs.

The company’s lead program is focused on developing a new class of antibiotics effective against multidrug resistant Gram-positive bacteria. Read more about the GmPcide program here.

The tuberculosis project is developed in partnership with Fimbrion Therapeutics and is supported by Phase I SBIR funding from NIH/NIAID.

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We are actively seeking investors and collaboration partners to enable development and commercialization of the company’s pipeline programs.

Welcome to contact us for more information about partnership opportunities.

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