Quretech Bio develops innovative antibiotics by stopping bacterial virulence with a first-in-class active substance. The approach is not to kill bacteria, but make them harmless – thus complementing existing treatments and making established antibiotic drugs more effective without causing resistance.

Chlamydia on the rise with high degree of treatment failiure

There are accumulating reports that antibiotic resistance is on the rise in Chlamydia cases. The exact frequency of antibiotic resistance in Chlamydia is unknown. However, antibiotic resistant clinical isolates have been isolated from patients with treatment failure and recent studies have shown up to a 13.7 percent treatment failure. Improved antibiotic treatment is therefore urgent. In parallell the threat of antibiotic resistance is becoming alarming and is already identified as a global public health concern.

Published by Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)

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