Researchers from Quretech Bio AB (Quretech Bio) in Umeå, who were awarded a research grant of approximately SEK 25 million in the summer, have been awarded additional funding of just over SEK 17 million this autumn (made up of SEK 7.5 million from the Swedish Research Council, SEK 8 million from the Erling Persson Family Foundation and SEK 2.1 million from Umeå University).

These grants will contribute to new knowledge and a better understanding of the development of new alternatives in the fight against antibiotic resistance. The grants support both fundamental and applied research, both of which are crucially important to Quretech’s ability to develop new options for combating antibiotic resistant infections. Since 2014 Quretech Bio researchers have been awarded grants and capital totalling circa SEK 105 million, which means the future looks bright and exciting.

Fredrik Almqvist, CEO – Quretech Bio AB:
“We would like to thank everyone we have received support and funding from: The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Umeå University, the Swedish Research Council, the Erling Persson Family Foundation, NIH in the USA, the EU, Novo Nordisk, the Strategic Foundation, Göran Gustafsson’s Foundation and The Kempe Foundations.”

“As researchers at Quretech we are also very grateful for the expertise that has been introduced into the company thanks to Nordiska Centrumhus. We’re looking forward to a very exciting journey together!”

For further information please contact:

Quretech Bio AB
Fredrik Almqvist, Founder and CEO of Quretech Bio AB
070-397 90 97

Published by Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)

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