The support is received from the Swedish Research Council’s major investment ENABLE-2, which in collaboration with Vinnova gives small and medium-sized companies access to the ENABLE-2 platform to continue development of new antibiotics.

Modern healthcare is heavily dependent on antibiotics, but resistant bacteria are a growing and constant threat. When antibiotics cease to work even normal operations can become life-threatening. It is estimated that after 2050 around 10 million people could die annually due to antibiotic resistance unless we take action now.

QureTech Bio is developing new drugs that either enhance the existing effects of antibiotics or disarm bacteria instead of killing them, thereby reducing the threat of resistance. The Umeå-based company now receives support from the Swedish Research Council’s ENABLE-2 in collaboration with Vinnova.

“This support is invaluable to us as a small pharmaceutical company. Resistant bacteria are a major threat to the world and thanks to this support, we can continue to find solutions to combat this problem,” says Helén Fält, CEO of QureTech Bio.

The long-term goal is to develop new treatment options for infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria. They cause major problems in healthcare, for example patients with complicated urinary tract infections, wound infections and implants.

“We are proud over the selection and will work hard to achieve the common goals we set together with ENABLE-2,” says Helén Fält.

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