QureTech Bio appoints new Chairman of the Board and new Board Member

June, 2024

QureTech Bio AB, a biotech company that develops novel antibiotics, has announced the appointment of Lennart Hansson as its new Chairman of the Board. Hansson succeeds Sven Bergström, who is stepping down after a successful tenure leading the company’s strategic direction.

“I have been a Member of the Board for one year and am honored to join QureTech as the Chairman of the Board. I am impressed by the science behind it, and I believe they have a unique and innovative approach to tackling the urgent problem of antimicrobial resistance. I look forward to working with the management team and the board to support QureTech’s growth and success,” says Lennart Hansson.

He is the former head of Life Science Investments at Industrifonden, one of Sweden’s largest venture funds. Previously he has more than 30 years’ experience in the pharma and biotech industry in executive positions at KabiGen, Symbicom AB, AstraZeneca AB, Karolinska Development AB, and BioVitrum AB and as CEO for Arexis AB. He has a PhD in Genetics from Umeå University.

Other current assignments: Hansson is Chairman of the Board of Cinclus Pharma Holding AB, Sixera Pharma AB, and Ignitus AB, as well as Board Member of Medivir AB.

“We thank Sven Bergström for his great contribution to QureTech over the years and welcome Lennart Hansson as new chairman. His longtime experience and expertise in business development will have an impact for the future development of the company” said Helén Fält, the CEO of QureTech.

Additionally, QureTech has elected Professor Scott Hultgren, co-founder and a world-renowned expert in bacterial infections and drug discovery, as a new Board Member. Hultgren is the Helen Lehbrink Stoever Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Washington University in St. Louis where he also serves as the inaugural Director of the Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Research.

“Scott Hultgren is a great addition to our Board. He has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of bacterial pathogenesis and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in developing new antimicrobials. His scientific insights and entrepreneurial spirit will be invaluable for QureTech as we advance our pipeline of novel compounds,” said Helén Fält, the CEO of QureTech.

Professor Hultgren has been honored with several prestigious awards, including the Distinguished Investigator Award at Washington University, the Eli Lilly Microbiology Award, and “The Fellows Award” from the St. Louis Science Academy, recognizing his outstanding scientific achievements.

He was elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2009, the National Academy of Sciences in 2011, the National Academy of Medicine in 2017, the National Academy of Inventors in 2020, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2023.

The Hultgren lab is blending multiple scientific disciplines to elucidate bacterial and host mechanisms that determine the onset, course, and outcome of interactions between the host urinary tract and bacterial pathogens.

The QureTech Bio Board
Lennart Hansson, Chairman
Erik Gozzi
Fredrik Almqvist
Scott Hultgren
Ulf Björklund
Yijing Sun Hultgren

Helén Fält, VD
E-post: helen.falt@quretech.com
Mobil: +46 70 388 5025
Web: www.quretech.com


QureTech Bio AB (QTB) is a pharmaceutical development company with a focus on developing new solutions to combat disease-causing bacteria and thereby contribute with new alternatives to one of our times’ greatest threats to modern healthcare, antibiotic resistance. Since 2022, QTB has an ongoing support via ENABLE-2 to develop new antibiotics towards gram-positive bacteria such as MRSA. The program funding is supported by the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova). QTB is located in Umeå, which is one of Sweden’s prominent life science clusters.

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